Here is a preview of the sessions that the girls participate in during the program.



Our wonderful volunteer speakers provide the Sweetheart Candidates with the history of our area from the local Ktunaxa creation story, local tourism and even how the city and council operates today. They participate in local fundraising efforts for various causes and are individually teamed up with local service clubs to learn more about the organizations that help to make our community the beautiful and supportive place that it is.


Professional Development

The Sweetheart Candidates are taught the art of public speaking through our wonderful partnership with the local Toastmasters clubs. The Toastmasters volunteers teach the girls impromptu speaking and the art of constructing and delivery a speech during an 8 week intensive workshop. Our candidates are also certified by the WorldHost Customer Service organization. 

The Sam Steele Sweethearts are taught how to build a proper resume and cover letter, participate in 3 professional job interviews and how to network with other business professionals.

They are challenged to manage a busy schedule during their candidacy and taught about goal setting, time management and prioritizing tasks.


Personal Development

Throughout our sessions we get to watch the young girls transform into beautiful women. We provide them with sessions on etiquette, self-image, self-awareness and self-grooming. 

These sessions provide the girls with a basic understanding of walking in heels, appropriate attire, which fork to use at dinner and projecting a calm and confident demeanor.