2018 Youth Ambassador Candidates

Over 200 people attended the Youth Ambassador Ball Saturday evening in Cranbrook as the 2018 Sweetheart of Sam Steele candidates were formally introduced.

The Sam Steele Sweetheart Society proudly introduced the 2018 Sweetheart of Sam Steele Youth Ambassador Candidates at the annual Ambassador Banquet and Ball on Saturday, April 28th at the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge.

2018 Sweetheart of Sam Steele Candidates

Left to Right: Emma McGee (sponsored by the Kin Club of Cranbrook), Brooke Schmidt (sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary to the Fraternal Order of Eagles), Brooke Wheeldon (sponsored by Cranbrook Sunrise Rotary), Taelynn Austin (sponsored by The Drive/B104), Emma Jensen (sponsored by the Cranbrook Lions Club), Isabella Fiorentino (sponsored by the Cristoforo Colombo Lodge), Lauren Gramm (sponsored by the Cranbrook Rotary Club).

The 2018 Youth Ambassador Pageant will be held on June 15 at the Key City Theatre. Tickets are on sale now at the Key City Theatre.

Nikki Gipman

Gipman Millwork , 1340 Industrial Road #2, Cranbrook, BC