You are Invited!

Apply to be one of our 2017 Sweetheart Youth Ambassador Candidates.

So, What’s sweethearts about?

The Sweetheart Program is a youth leadership program.

In six short months, you will gain huge self confidence and we provide training in everything from public speaking and resume writing to financial management and budgeting. We are also big on being part of the community. From rolling up your sleeves with the kids at the Children’s Festival to raising money for our charity of choice, we have a lot of fun volunteering in the community. In addition to the self-development and leadership training, candidates have an opportunity to become an official Youth Ambassador for the City of Cranbrook, participate in our Sam Steele Days production and much more.

You can earn scholarships too.

We offer a $500 scholarship to the Sweetheart and Princess of Sam Steele, a $500 scholarship for Community Awareness, and a $250 talent scholarship.

I’m too shy. I could never get up in front of people.

If you’ve ever thought you’re too shy or you could never get up in front of people, you are EXACTLY who we are looking for. The point of the program is to gain self confidence and learn to get over shyness. So, if you’re looking to learn some new skills and have fun along the way, consider coming to the information meeting. We’d really like to meet you!

What’s involved?

We have meetings once a week between January and June, and the Program ends with the pageant during Sam Steele Days. There are also Toastmasters meetings once a week from the end of March until the beginning of June and you get a Speechcraft Certificate at the end that you can use on your resume! We do different team building and community events and we usually do at least one trip to another community. We pack a lot in, but the skills you’ll learn through our Program, you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Apply today and learn more! 

We have included an application form below. It’s super easy to fill out - and is due by Monday, December 5nd. All you need to do is fill out the form, attach a short letter you’ve written about why you’d like to apply and a copy of a recent report card/transcript...then pop it in the mail or drop it off.

We will have an information meeting for interested candidates and their parents/guardians on December 8th at 7:00pm at the Heritage Inn where we will talk about the program in detail and answer your questions.

If you’re still interested in being part of the fun, there will be interviews on December 11th.

Learning. Fun. Confidence. Memories. Be part of the tradition!